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President Donald Trump speaks on the phone with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on 28 January. He is said to have asked for this because the allegation implies the FBI broke the law. The DOJ has not commented. James Clapper, the director of national intelligence at the time of the election, said there no wire-tap activity mounted against Mr Trump or his campaign. Media captionJames Clapper says he "can deny" that Donald Trump's phones were tapped When pressed about wire-tapping at the daily news briefing, Mr Spicer said the president has "absolutely" how you can help no regrets about the explosive claims. "The House and Senate intelligence committee have the staff and the capabilities and the processes in place to look at this in a way that's objective, and that's where it should be done". He added that the media should let the Senate and House intelligence committees "do their job" and "then report back to the American people". Mr Spicer argued that if Mr Trump spoke to Mr Comey it could be viewed as interfering with an investigation. "It's a no-win situation," he said. US Senator John McCain on Monday also called for Mr Trump to release any evidence he has to support his claim.

Fargo-based Vanity announced last week it will กระเป๋าแฟชั่นสะพายหลัง close its remaining 140 or so stores across the country, including a storefront in West Acres, and a Sears anchor store will close this spring after West Acres decided to part ways with its longtime tenant. While Schlossman said much of the external focus is on the growing number of empty spaces, West Acres officials are already working to get those spots filled. 'Flip or Flop' host reveals second cancer diagnosis, says illness contributed to split from cohost/wife "The mall can't get better unless we replace the poorer performing stores with higher performing stores, and so we're in that stage now," he said. "If you look at the list of stores that we're talking to, they would end up being in that higher performing store description." It's a drastic change from a few years ago, he said, when the mall had almost no vacancies and it was difficult to bring in new retailers. Now, there's opportunity for change, he said. Change is the norm for shopping malls, Schlossman said, and about a third of West Acres' stores close and another third change over the course of an average 10-year period. Business closings are sign Fargo-Moorhead economy is returning to normal Rapid changes The most recent turnover means existing stores will be able to move around, relocating to a larger or smaller storefront if needed. But with an accelerating pace of change affecting malls and the retail industry overall, Schlossman said it's also important to replace closed stores with competitive brands that can keep up with the evolution of shopping. "I do expect กระเป๋าแฟชั่น ราคาถูก 200 customer preferences to change faster, and the stores that will succeed are the ones that will understand the nature of those preferences coming from the customers," he said. It's not a quick process to reach out to new businesses, get both sides on board and get a lease signed, but Schlossman said West Acres will have new stores to announce as it fills in its current vacancies. Report: Department-store chain Gordmans prepares to file for bankruptcy That includes the long-empty TGI Friday's restaurant space in the parking lot.

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