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McDarment and Duane M. Garfield were re-elected Saturday to the Tule River Indian Trib posted: January 23 It was not a good night for the Porterville College mens and women's basketball teams Saturday. posted: January 23 The recent arrest of a teachers aide and part-time coach at Porterville High School is strong evidence how parents need to be aware of their posted: January 23 NEW YORK (AP) U.S. Rep. John Lewis is having quite a run in the literary world. Updated: 4:05 pm chieko hara Rueben Arreola celebrates his 100th career win with his teammates RECORDER PHOTO BY CHIEKO HARA Granite Hills High's squad hoists Rueben Arreola, who just made his 100th win in his high school career, Wednesday, Feb. 4, 2015 after the match against Woodlake High at Granite Hills High School.

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FILE - In this Saturday, Nov. 23, 2013, file photo, shoppers carry Victoria Secret bags while crossing an intersection in Herald Square in New York. The Associated Press looks at ways to erase credit card balances from your holiday spending, plus ways to rethink your approach so the next round of holiday spending is manageable. Photo: Bebeto Matthews, AP / AP2013 Bruce McClary , spokesman for the National Federation for Credit Counseling , said January is their biggest month, กระเป๋าสตางค์ใบสั้น thanks to New Year's resolutions and holiday spending that proved the last straw for families near the breaking point. RETHINK YOUR ASSUMPTIONS To keep the cycle from starting over, figure out why you overspent. Rapley had to come to grips with a belief that buying a gift for someone meant she valued them. For Rocha, it was thinking that a "spirit of generosity" should guide holiday spending. Read Full Article Who wants to send a message that you don't value people or you reject the spirit of generosity? But instead of spending a lot of money, spend time: Thoughtfully choose a gift that shows you really "get" the person, or arrange to spend time together or share an experience. PLAN FOR AN ALL-CASH HOLIDAY Make next December better by setting a reasonable budget now and saving all year long. Total every holiday expense, even little things: gifts, decorations, gift wrap, postage, entertainment, food, travel. Divide by your pay periods between now and December to see how much to save from each check.

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Although his family achieved success in opal trading, their greatest discovery has been seen rarely by the public. That has just changed. The 998g (35.2oz) opal, valued at nearly A$900,000 (550,000; $680,000), is now on display in Adelaide's South Australian Museum. Spared from sale Still largely in its original condition, the opal's two polished faces reveal a kaleidoscope of colours from green to yellow to red. "When my father was alive, it was originally kept separately from all trading because it was such a significant piece," Alan Bartram told the BBC. "We decided we would retain that intention, and keep it as a significant and obviously excellent example of light opal from South Australia." The family has decided to pass it on for future generations to enjoy. The museum's director, Brian Oldman, said the opal's rarity should not be underestimated. "Opal of this quality can only be created under certain climate conditions," Mr Oldman said. "When our state's inland sea evaporated millions of years ago, it provided a unique silica-rich environment for the creation of precious opal. It is these exceptional conditions that created the Fire of Australia." Opal centre A mining town for more than 100 years, Coober Pedy still draws people lured by the hope of striking it rich. "They're becoming more scarce because the overheads of mining now are getting to be so expensive - in fuel, explosives, machinery and living costs on the field," Mr Bartram said.