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The Best Designer Bags to Buy Now and Sell Later

What are some of the best bags to buy now that’ll be worth the investment later on? You can’t go wrong with Louis Vuitton monogram canvas . Not only is it very durable, but it holds its value, probably 70 percent of what you paid for it. And then when you consider the brand increases prices 10 percent every year, that’s a great ROI. Something on the more entry-level price point is harder, because they tend to go on sale. Department stores will put things on sale seasonally, so you can get them retail at a lower price point. And there are just so many more of them made, so the secondary market gets a little bit flooded. You’re never going to get a really strong ROI on something like that — it needs to be slightly less approachable and more covetable than a mass brand.

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This is the biggest quake experienced anywhere in 2017. Going on the statistics, you would expect at least one magnitude 8 to occur somewhere on the planet each year. It occurred where the Pacific ocean floor is drawn under Mexico and Guatemala. A great slab of rock, known as the Cocos tectonic plate, is driving towards the coast at a rate of 75mm per year. As it jerks downwards into the Earth's interior, about 200km offshore, large tremors are the inevitable outcome. There have been three magnitude 7s in 2017, with a 7.9 recorded deep under Papua New Guinea back in January. This latest event, being an 8.2, is nearly three times as energetic. That tells you something about how the magnitude scale works. Fortunately, this event was deep, too.